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HS.D503DOR-A Doorphone Unit
HS.D503DOR-A Doorphone Unit
Model : HS.D503DOR-A

Product Description

The Analog Door Box is a self-contained Intercom unit typically used to monitor an entrance door. A visitor at the door can press the Door Box call button (like a door bell). The Door Box then sends chime tones to all extensions programmed to receive chimes. To answer the chime, the called extension user just lifts the handset.

This lets the extension user talk to the visitor at the Door Box. The Door Box is convenient to have at a delivery entrance, for example. It is not necessary to have company personnel monitor the delivery entrance; they just answer the Door Box chimes instead.

The Analog Door Box is a weather-tight unit and can be mounted outside.

The maximum number of DSX Analog Door Boxes you can install is determined by the number of 2PGDAD Modules, which in turn is limited only by the availability of 16ESIU station ports.

Download the PDF for more information:

Download Doorphone Unit Brochure
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