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NEC MyCalls 128/256
NEC MyCalls 128/256
Model : MYCALL128 Cost effective reporting and call costing

Product Description

As in the basic product, MyCalls 128 and 256 log calls made to and from your System.

Product Characteristics:

  • By allowing either 128 or 256 extensions to be monitored, this allows a lower entry cost than the Call Manager.
  • MyCalls 128 and 256 not only store every call made in and out the system, they can also assign costs to these.
  • Basic alarm support for Incoming Call Rate, Outgoing Call Rate and Abandoned Call Rate.
  • Keep up to date with your call charges.
  • Who is taking/making calls, is their time being used effectively.
  • Knowing when and what numbers have high abandoned rates allow you to correct this by changing working practices.

Download the PDF for more information:

Download MyCalls 128/256 Brochure
Keyphone Johor Bahru JB | CCTV