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Emix EMBC-8025 10a Battery Charger And 24v Dc Supply
Emix EMBC-8025 10a Battery Charger And 24v Dc Supply
Model : EMBC-8025

Product Description

EMBC-8025 is an Intelligent Battery Charger & 24V DC Regulated Switching Power Supply. This one body with two devices is to eliminate all the looping wires between Charger & Power Supply Unit. The EMBC-8025 is a 3 stages, BULK, ABSORPTION and FLOAT intelligent charger with protection against over voltage, reversed polarities and output short circuit. It is designed to offer maximum life for battery and represents the state of the art of today’s technology for battery charging. The power supply is builtin with overload, over voltage and short circuit protections. The switching power supply automatically switches over to Battery Backup when main failure is detected. EMBC-8025 is equiped with a battery Low Cut that prevents the battery from being over discharged during backup.


  • PIC microcontroller controlled 24V Intelligent Charger
  • Charger suitable for 24V batteries from 2Ah to 200Ah
  • Protections against terminals short-circuit or reverse polarity
  • Sensor to detect battery over voltage or low battery
  • Adjustable constant charging current from 1 to 5 Amp
  • Prevent over discharge with Battery Low Cut (BLC @18V)
  • LCD to display Battery Voltage, Charging Voltage & Current
  • Comes with 24Vdc (4A) regulated switching power supply
  • Protection against output short circuit & over current
  • Protection against battery from over charging
  • 3-stages charging mode BULK, ABSORPTION & FLOAT

Download the PDF for more information:

Download EMBC-8025 Brochure
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