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Active Track Real Time Guard Tour System
Active Track Real Time Guard Tour System

Product Description

Active Track is a new security device integrating a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS mobile phone in a very durable casing. This functional advanced device can be applied indoor and outdoor because of A-GPS service supporting GPS signal from satellites by GSM/GPRS. It is not only the source of control but also increases the safety of guards due to the built-in accelerometer and the PANIC function.

Active Track is a personal location device that makes it possible to locate and supervise persons and mobile objects in real time. Apart from monitoring and logistic functions, the device makes it possible to establish voice communication (e.g. with the Monitoring Center or emergency services). Due to the use of the latest technologies, the system is characterized by long operation time with battery power supply and built-in accelerometer. Active Track handy, waterproof and shock resistant casing and built-in accelerometer enables the device to be used both by commercial and private users: in logistics companies, security and fire services, parole system, to child protection, senior and patient care.

With 4 function buttons supporting the device operation, Active Track enables easy and quick configuration depending on the device version and the customer needs. This effective device is enabled with GPS function, making it possible to send GPS position via SMS. It also enables two-way voice communication, replacing a mobile phone. The button marked with the handset makes it possible to send a signal through GPRS with a request for call-back (short press) or a call directly to a preset number, e.g. the police, the fire brigade, the dispatch officer (button held).
Depending on the device’s version, the location option is also available. Therefore, it is possible to send information from the control point along with the GPS location or a readout of RFID points to the server. Data from the readout is sent via with the GSM channel to the server or to a selected phone number. Monitoring software makes it possible to set time frames for the tag readout. When there is no readout within the set time, the monitoring station is notified about the irregularities.
Finally, Active Track has a PANIC button which is used in situations of hazard for life and health or situations requiring an immediate intervention. After the button is pressed, the device sends an alarm signal to the monitoring station and/or directly to the user via an application in the phone or a web application.


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Keyphone Johor Bahru JB | CCTV