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Cavius Home Fire Safety
Cavius Home Fire Safety
Model : CAVIUS

Product Description

Meet the Cavius Alarm Family
An affordable alarm family to the modern home.
Cavius has created an integrated Wireless Alarm Family range with a common protocol.
This means, that theCaviusS Mains Powered smoke alarms can communicate with any Cavius wireless battery operated alarm.
All alarms will alert you whether there is a flood in the basement, a fire in the attic, smoke in the hallway, or CO being produced by a fire or boiler. The detector causing the alarm, will be easy to identify due to the clear visible indication.
Alongside this new way of thinking, Cavius have also created a remote control Warning Flash for the range. The communication between the alarm device and the remote is unique. If an alarm occurs, the Cavius Warning Flash will activate and help you escape. The remote can be used to either test or silence.
Cavius also makes alarms that connects to Home Automation systems.

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Keyphone Johor Bahru JB | CCTV