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NEC IP Dect Handsets M155 Messenger
NEC IP Dect Handsets M155 Messenger
Model : M155

The ultimate message device for healthcare and hospitality environments

Product Description

DECT compliance for high quality speech and security.

Product Characteristics:

  • The M155 IP DECT Messenger brings mobile messaging and speakerphone communication for DECT users to the highest level:
  • A very small DECT handset and easy to carry (e.g. on the wrist) to provide maximum of freedom, comfort and fl exibility to the user
  • Display with icons and three text lines
  • Name and message display with option for fully automatic voice call setup
  • Provides various call control options and seamlesly integrates with the PBX and various applications for alarming, messaging and localization
  • Very simple user interface and operation through only two keys
  • Built in trembler for silent operation

Download the PDF for more information:

Download M155 Brochure
Keyphone Johor Bahru JB | CCTV