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Show CM-800 Chime Microphone

Show CM-800 Chime Microphone

Model : SHOW-CM-800

Product Description

CM-800 chime microphone is especially designed for amplifiers. It allows the user to work with the quality of microphone with indication condenser cartridge and goose-neck pliable sleeve. The unit features a clear sound and low feedback.

The simple operation of a single key, and also feature pre-sound function. That can play four stage chime before and after message display. Microphone jack works with 6.3φ mic wire outlet, it can use balanced outlet when connecting in advance, and which can connect with broadcasting equipment.

Panel cover is made of aluminum alloy, die-cast is artistic and it is durable and lasting. It applies to airport, restaurant, school, canteen and supermarket, and other suitable areas.
Technical Specifications
  • Power voltage240V/50Hz, DC 15V 400mA ; 230V/60Hz, DC 15V 500mA ; 115V/50Hz, DC 15V 400mA
  • 4-Tone Chime440, 554, 659, 880HZ Four stage musical
  • MicrophoneCondenser microphone cartridge
  • Unbalanced output110mV 10mV
  • Balanced output230mV 10mV
  • ColorWhite
  • Output signal wire6.3φ × 5 × 6.3φ (MONO) × 5 feet
  • Dimension(W×D×H)132 × 155 × 380mm (5.2" × 6.1" × 15")
  • Weight (Approx.)0.8kg (1.82 lb)