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NEC AT-45 Single Line Phone

NEC AT-45 Single Line Phone

Model : NEC AT-45 Analog Phone Switchable Tone Or Pulse Dialing

Product Description

3 Programmable Ring Tones / Adjustable Ringer Volume

  • Set your favourite tones when you are bored with the normal tones. An added feature that will liven up any work environment. Ringer volume can also be adjusted to low, medium or high.

Mute Control

  • Switch on to MUTE when you do not want the caller to hear your background discussions.

Last Number Redial

  • For speed dialing of last number recently used. Saves time on follow-up calls.

Time Flash

  • This feature supports Call Waiting and PBX functions. A safety measure to help ensure important calls or hold-lines are not accidentally cut off.

Adjustable Handset Volume

  • Adjustable handset volume to high or low.

Wall Mounted

  • Save desk space by wall-mounting your phone. Most appropriate for tight spaces like the utility, pantry or copying room.

Adjustable Ringer/Handset Votume



  • Message Lamp for hotel/motel use

Switchable Tone Or Pulse Dialing

Switchable Tone Or Pulse Dialing
4 One - Touch Memories
( ** Only AT - 45 )

Message Waiting Lamp

( ** Only AT - 45 )

Download the PDF for more information:

  Download AT45 Single Line Phone Brochure